Ants of Oklahoma Project

P.barbatus nest.jpg

I have collaborated extensively with Karl Roeder in the past seven years to examine the poorly known ant diversity in Oklahoma.  Our goal is to shed light on the amazing diversity that can exist in temperate regions.  We are also investigating the foraging behavior of Solenopsis fire ants and Pogonomyrmex barbatus, a widespread species of harvester ant.  These studies involve additional collaborators at the University of Oklahoma (Dr. Mike Kaspari), Florida State University (Dr. Rebecca Prather), University of Colorado-Boulder (Anna Paraskevopoulos), Midwestern State University (Christian Mitchell), and recent undergraduate students in my lab at Cameron University (see Lab Members page).

Tyrant Flycatcher Group


I work with a number of collaborators to investigate the life history, behavior, and ecology of tyrant flycatchers (genus Tyrannus).  Together, we have tracked nearly 1,000 Scissor-tailed Flycatcher nests and banded nearly 800 Scissor-tailed Flycatchers.  We have determined paternity for 140 nests and 547 nestlings.  We have also compared migration, molt, and distribution of Scissor-tailed Flycatchers with a number of congeners.  My collaborators include Dr. Michael Husak (Cameron University), Dr. Michael Murphy (Portland State University), Adam Becker (Washington State University), Dr. Alex Jahn (postdoctoral researcher at Smithsonian Wild Bird Center), and Alex Worm (completed M.Sc. at Arkansas State University).

Aves Internacionales

WEKI in Flight

I am a member of Aves Internacionales.  We are a collaborative interested in comparative life history, behavior, and migration of (primarily) species in the genus Tyrannus across North and South America.  However, the group has grown since its beginning to include species of different genera and many more topics.